Lightweight Camp Dining Set
Lightweight Camp Dining Set

Durable camp set comprising a bowl/plate, folding cup and either a polycarbonate KFS set or a Spork depending on which you prefer to eat with.

This is a great lightweight set; perfect for backpacking. The Spork, Bowl and cup are all Swedish made by Wildo.
The folding cup can be stowed along with the cutlery in the recess of the bowl.

At 3.5 cm deep the plate easily doubles as a bowl and being plastic, with a handy lip on one side, you won't burn your hand whilst holding a plate of steaming hot stew.

Please choose the desired cutlery (KFS or Spork) you wish to purchase, along with the plate and mug, from the drop down list.

Weight with Spork: 115 g
Weight with KFS: 135 g
Plate diameter: 21 cm
Cup capacity: 200 ml

Supplied in a grip-lock bag along with a couple of spares to help keep items clean when stowed in a rucksack.

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Swedish Army Food Container
Swedish Army Food Container

13 litre insulated food container from the Swedish Military. Heavy duty construction featuring steel outer lid with robust spring loaded fasteners.
The inner plastic lid has a rubber seal to create a leak-proof container for liquid or solid foodstuffs.
These containers are in good used (fully functional) condition with scratching to the exterior. Cleaning will be required prior to use.
With a steel carrying handle and attachment points on the rear for securing in a vehicle.

Height 47 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 22 cm
Capacity 13 l
Weight 6 kg

(All measurements are approximate.)
These food boxes are ideal for fixed camps, off-roading and general outdoor catering.

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Swedish Fuel Bottle
Swedish Fuel Bottle

These compact bottles from the Swedish military were designed for storing alcohol fuel for Trangia type burners. Genuine military surplus and ideal for methylated spirits.

Sold in packs of four.


Approx. size (H x W x D): 155 x 90 x 36 mm. Capacity: 250 ml.

Unused and in new condition though may have a little dust from storage.

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Swiss Volcano Stove
Swiss Volcano Stove

A superb lightweight field stove from the Swiss armed forces. The volcano cooker can be used with solid fuel tablets or other combustible materials such as small sticks.

Comprising a burner unit, flask and cup/pot; all components nest together and are held in place by a catch mechanism which doubles as a handle on the side of the burner.

Height: 27 cm
Width: 10 cm
Flask: 850 ml
Cup: 425 ml
Weight: 375 g

In excellent non-issued unused condition showing only very minor signs of storage.

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Swedish Army Trangia Stove
Swedish Army Trangia Stove

A classic stove from the Swedish Military comprising an alcohol burner and two fuel storage bottles. Together with a compatible wind-shield and two-piece pan set, this kit is ideal for camping and hiking.

The nesting components pack down into a convenient and robust package for transport. Mess-tins and wind-shield are both aluminium.

The large pan features a dixie-style top handle whilst the small pan, which also doubles as a lid, has a fold-out handle at the front. An extra bottle has been added making this set suitable for longer trips.

Large Pan 1.3 litre
Small Pan / Lid 0.5 litre
Weight 0.9 kg
Packed Size 17 x 20 x 12 cm

(All measurements are approximate.


Burners are unused and in excellent (almost new) condition.
Storage bottles are unused and like new.
Wind-shields and mess-tins are new (not original military surplus); however they will have some minor marks and scrapes from storage.

The three-crowns symbol, typical of Swedish Military equipment, can be found on the base of the burner and on the fuel bottles. The burners are also stamped SVEA and have the three crowns symbol.


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Swiss Army Gel Cooker – Notkocher 71 Emergency Stove (x 7)
Swiss Army Gel Cooker – Notkocher 71 Emergency Stove (x 7)

A pack of seven genuine Swiss military surplus gel stoves. These handy emergency cookers are ideal for hikes, camping trips, car stops and emergency preparedness.

The Notkocher 71 is lightweight, reusable and simple to use. The gel is very viscous and will not easily spill.

Military stock number – “ALN/NSA/NDE: 7310-291-7001″

These cookers are unissued and come in their original packaging.

Seven shrink-wrapped gel-stove units; each complete with matches, pot stand and resealable lid.

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