Lightweight Camp Dining Set


Durable camp set comprising a bowl/plate, folding cup and either a polycarbonate KFS set or a Spork depending on which you prefer to eat with.

This is a great lightweight set; perfect for backpacking. The Spork, Bowl and cup are all Swedish made by Wildo.
The folding cup can be stowed along with the cutlery in the recess of the bowl.

At 3.5 cm deep the plate easily doubles as a bowl and being plastic, with a handy lip on one side, you won't burn your hand whilst holding a plate of steaming hot stew.

Please choose the desired cutlery (KFS or Spork) you wish to purchase, along with the plate and mug, from the drop down list.

Weight with Spork: 115 g
Weight with KFS: 135 g
Plate diameter: 21 cm
Cup capacity: 200 ml

Supplied in a grip-lock bag along with a couple of spares to help keep items clean when stowed in a rucksack.

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Spork, KFS