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Swedish Lone Wolf Tarp


Swedish Military surplus ensamma vargen ('lone wolf') tarps. Superb quality items in excellent condition.

The 'lone wolf' tarps can be buttoned together in a number of patterns to create different sized shelters. Google 'instruction in winter service bivouac' for a useful Norwegian Army manual which details how tarps of this design can be deployed.

Tarps have a diamond shape with sides 2 m long and weigh only 1.4 kg. Along each edge is a series of buttons and holes that allow sections to be securely fastened together. Individual units can be used as a wind break, rain shelter or worn as a poncho. In combinations of two or more, larger shelters can be constructed.

Great for camping, bushcraft, fishing, survival and team building activities.

These shelters are best supported from above to create more usable living space on the inside. For the five-tarp shelter we used a taut line between trees to support two of the guy points and an A-frame to support the third. This large bivouac has a triangular footprint with sides of 3.8 m, spacious headroom of 1.6 m and a total weight (without pegs and rope) of 7 kg.

In excellent non-issued condition with minor dust and dirt picked up from storage and during the taking of photos. Please note pegs and rope are not included in the sale.

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